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Academic consortium

Academic consortium

Since 2005 Tischner European University is a part of Academic Consortium which consists of:

The crucial aim of Academic Consortium is cooperation over the quality of education process and conducting research for science and economy.

 The project results in i.a.:

  • rich and adjusted to the market didactic offer which includes: courses; trainings; bachelor, master, and postgraduate studies,
  • integrated management system ‘Uczelnia.XP’, which supports the management process of universities and widely understood study course,
  • unified  scholarship system, which is based on own partner universities financial means, the state budget, and financial sponsors which is transferred into scholarships for students,
  • the system of selecting staff and improving the qualifications of didactic employees,
  • cooperation in terms of fulfilling research projects,
  • broaden the contacts with partner universities abroad

 Activity of Academic Consortium means also benefits for students:

  • combined didactic offer enables continuation or parallel studying at partner universities,
  • student concession and study opportunity concerning master degree, excluding the application procedure and costs of application fee only for alumnus of  WSE, WSIZ, WSZiA
  • ability of using base and infrastructure of each university, including Touristic and Recreation Center at WSIiZ in Kielnarowa, where are available i.a. one of the biggest sports hall in Poland, a stud farm, a ropes course, brand-new equipped conference and computer rooms, and numerous specialised laboratories,
  • knowledge and experience exchange between the universities – the universities organise debates with Polish and offshore renowned personages, seminars, conferences, author meetings, photography exhibitions, and multicultural workshops for students.
  • broaden scope of activities i.a. cooperative student projects, Institute of the Study of Civilisations,
  • internships abroad and collaborative organisation of summer schools, camps, that enable students’ growth of competitiveness on the job market, that proves they high skills
  • additional student courses fulfilled in a cooperation with renowned lecturers. The students can take part in chosen by themselves  courses and lectures at the partner universities
  • the most up-to-date system of university management and service of didactic process in Poland – by means of brand-new technologies and IT solutions, used to increase the effectiveness of the student service i.a. Distance Learning, Virtual University and Virtual Studying Space

tel: 12 683 24 77

Al. Jana Pawła II 39a
31-864 Kraków

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