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Outgoing students

Outgoing students

Participating in the Erasmus+ Programme gives our students the possibility to do a part of their studies at one of TEU partner institutions.

This is a unique opportunity for them to improve their language skills, meet new people, get to know different cultures, and discover or improve your intercultural communication. Erasmus+ provides opportunities of 12-month studies or internships abroad, on each level of your studies (BA and MA). TEU enables its students to go abroad for studies to around 30 partner universities and for internships to numerous institutions in i.a. Belgium, Norway, Finland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania and Turkey. 

Information about the program:

Participation in the Erasmus+ Programme

Tischner European University received the Erasmus University Charter within the Erasmus+ Programme, the new European Union student exchange programme for education, training, youth and sport. In the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme, TEU students have a possibility to study abroad at the partner university or do an internship in one of numerous institutions, enterprises, organizations non-profit etc. between 2 and 12 months at each of the three academic levels (BA,MA and PhD). It means that each student can apply several times within the whole study programme. It is necessary to notice that taking part in Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme already counts into the whole amount of the months. Each of the outgoing students is going to be provided with financial support to cover the costs concerning staying abroad. More information concerning financial support can be found here.

Before the mobility:

For studies a detailed agreement concerning the study programme is established. It will guarantee passing the academic semester/ year which the student spent abroad.

For placements a detailed agreement concerning the internship programme is established. It will describe the programme in details and will guarantee accepting the placement by the TEU.

Information concerning the applications can be found below. The documents have to be sent by an email on international@wse.krakow.pl as well as it has to be submitted to the TEU International Office (room 219). Only the applications which are completed and submitted in both ways are going to be taken into consideration. Documents required:

  • Application form
  • CV in English
  • Evaluation provided by an academic
  • Student’s motivations
  • Student’s extra activities
  • Language declaration
  • Confirmation of the company that the representative agrees on the student’s internship (for applications concerning internships only)

phone: 12 683 24 82/90
e-mail: international@wse.krakow.pl

Al. Jana Pawła II 39a
31-864 Kraków


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