Patron and mission - Tischner European University
Patron and mission

Patron and mission

Tischner European University is an outstanding studying place among educational institutions not only in Kraków but in whole Poland. It was established in 2003 thanks to the Znak Publishers’ initiative. Two years later the founder status was taken over by The European Certificate Centre (ECC).

The uniqueness of the university is multilayer. It is important to us that our students become valued and desired professionals of their fields. Therefore, subjects and specialisations are adjusted to the market requirements every year and our teaching programmes are consulted with specialists of various fields. We also pay huge attention that not only necessary practical knowledge is provided for our students but also practice. This is why interactive teaching methods like case study, strategic and simulation games are used .

It is also its patron – Father Józef Tischner – which distinguishes Tischner European University.

He was one of the most interesting and brilliant figures of Polish intellectual life in the second half of 20th c. An incredible philosopher and talented publicist, he was also a valued spiritual leader and favourite of journalists, a man who while merciless in debates was always open to a variety of opinions and beliefs. While referring to himself, he used to say that first of all he was a human, then a philosopher, and after a huge gap, a priest. Without a doubt, he was a person inspiring trust, a philosopher encouraging to think, and a priest teaching mature and conscious belief.

He went down in history as the author of ‘The Ethics of Solidarity’, an examination of the ethical foundations of Solidarity – the social movement born in August 1980, which eventually let to the collapse of communism in Poland. Throughout his life he remained closely involved with the Tygodnik Powszechny circle and Znak. The author of many books, philosophical papers, as well as sketch and essay collection devoted to philosophical, social, and religious problems. The co-founder and the head of The Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna (1981). In 1993, he received prize of Polish PEN Club (the category ‘work of poetry, essays and novels’). Honorable PhD title was given to him by University of Lodz and Pedagogical University of Cracow. He was also a Knight of the Order of the White Eagle (Polish highest decoration awarded to civilians and the military for their virtues).

I have always thought that the first duty of school is to teach not to nurture. I argued about that with a lot of teachers. I have though that you nurture through teaching. If I had to choose between a good mentor or a good teacher, I would choose the teacher.

Father Józef Tischner is remembered as a teacher of freedom, solidarity and unfading hope.


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