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The digital games industry, as one of the most dynamically developing branches of the entertainment industry, is constantly subjected to changes and transformations. Thanks to the combination of practical classes in the field of designing digital games with interdisciplinary subjects, giving students not only additional knowledge but also the cultural context of game development, Game Design at TEU meets All these changes. 

Classes conducted by industry Professional will allow you to learn about issues related to both level design and mechanics as well as narrative and world-formation. In addition, the opportunity to carry out projects together with students of Digital Art gives the Chance to create the first complete projects already during the studies!

Why should you choose this field of study?

  • you will take part in activities with specialists in the industry, with many years of experience in both game design and related professions: project management, data analysis, user experience design and level design;
  • you will learn the ways of rapid prototyping and the principles of verifying your own ideas and the principles of creating games based on a clearly defined vision of the project and the rudiments of communication;
  • the study program will provide you with the knowledge of specialized tools necessary in the profession of a game designer, development of creativity and soft skills, as well as familiarization with other practical aspects of practicing the profession of designer;
  • professionally equipped computer labs will allow you to create your own prototypes and final game designs;
  • you will gain team work skills, project management, user testing and knowledge of the historical and cultural context of the games

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Despite the fact that modern video game industry companies can use the services of numerous specialists both with many years of experience and a range of practical skills, they are not always prepared to create products that take into account foreign markets or foreign cultural contexts. Even many years of experience in the industry may turn out to be insufficient if we do not learn to understand the recipients and design according to their needs and expectations. This is extremely valuable knowledge, and it requires effort and time to get it. What we want to achieve in the direction of Game Design is the opportunity to equip our students with a wide range of competences to suport basic practical skills in game design, so that regardless of which projects they want to work on, they can easily identify the most important features of created products and design games that support these features.

Magdalena Cielecka, MA
Deputy Dean for Game Design


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mgr Konrad Gadzina
mgr Konrad Gadzina
mgr Piotr Sterczewski
mgr Piotr Straszewski
dr Maciej Nawrocki
dr Maciej Nawrocki
dr Justyna Janik
dr Justyna Janik
Michał Jutkiewicz
mgr Michał Jutkiewicz
Marta Błaszkowska-Nawrocka
dr Marta Błaszkowska
Aleksandra Prokopek
mgr Aleksandra Prokopek
Marta Tymińska
dr Marta Tymańska
mgr Magdalena  Kozyra
mgr Magdalena Kozyra
mgr Małgorzata Majkowska
mgr Małgorzata Majkowska
dr Magdalena Cielecka
dr Magdalena Cielecka


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