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Business Linguistics

Do you love foreign languages and fancy working in an international environment? Make your dreams come true and succeed in business!

English is the basis of modern business. However, in today’s international communication, skills in the areas of entrepreneurship, management, social psychology and knowledge related to contemporary political and economic processes are also very important. Working in international corporations and public institutions often means working in English with people from different cultures and social groups – here it is important not only to have excellent English, but also soft and intercultural competences.

Choosing Business Linguistics, you will gain comprehensive knowledge about the business needs of many companies, owing to which you will find a well-paid job in an international environment! You will acquire perfected knowledge not only of English, but also of a second language: Spanish or German. Are you dreaming of going abroad on a scholarship? Take advantage of the programs offered by partner universities in Germany, Italy, Spain or Norway!

Why should you choose this field of study?

  • You will gain practical language competences combined with business knowledge
  • You will have a perfect command of English and a second foreign language (general and business language): Spanish or German (from the basic level),
  • You will learn all language skills, including the use of written and spoken business terminology,
  • You will learn the specifics of working in an international business environment having such subjects as project management, human resources management, accounting, economic law or intercultural communication,
  • You will develop soft and intercultural competences,
  • Your classes will be primarily practical – we have reduced the number of lectures in favour of laboratories, workshops and tutorials

Knowledge of foreign languages makes us more open to the world, other cultures and more mobile. Completing Business Linguistics will give you the possibility of trouble-free communication outside the country, but also in international corporations.

The results of the National Remuneration Survey confirm that knowledge of the English language is a skill highly appreciated by employers, but only a very good language proficiency is an asset that allows to receive significantly higher income. Increase your possibilities and sign up for Business Linguistics – undergraduate studies in Krakow.

Study Business Linguistics in Cracow. Be perfectly prepared for any upcoming career challenges!

Introduction to applied linguistics – you will learn about the basics of linguistic study, including the characteristics and functions of language, its production and acquisition.

Strategies in management including elements of corporate culture – you will become familiarized with sample tools for conducting strategic analysis (external and internal) as well as their application.

Intercultural communication in business – you will become familiar with the most important theories and concepts in the field of communication. You will get to know the way that various stereotypes and myths regarding human communication function.

European life and institutions – you will gain knowledge on the social, cultural, political and economic dynamics of countries in the European Union, as well as in other European countries.

Intercultural negotiations – you will learn about communication techniques that will help you in entering dialogues with people of other cultural backgrounds.

Etiquette and diplomatic protocol in business – you will learn about the rules that govern international business and diplomacy.

E-commerce and electronic services – you will learn about online marketing tools and electronic services. You will find out how to work in the online world of the 21st century.

Business workshop – you will become familiarized with work standards as well as take part in an analytical workshop with experts in economics, consultants and business advisors.

Foresight and future planning – you will master the basics of foresight and get to know the new area of research in future planning.

Specialist language – an intensive course offered in specialist English, which includes the knowledge of terminology in areas such as marketing, IT, legal language and business English.

  • companies and international organizations looking for specialists in the area of business English or intercultural communication,
  • outsourcing companies,
  • companies and organizations which hire managers, business consultants and international sales specialists, as well as specialists in international cooperation,
  • institutions, organizations and agencies within the European Union,
  • cultural institutions, film agencies, galleries, and museums that work closely with international institutions,
  • media – editing for magazines, websites, TV, radio – interested in those with business language skills,
  • offices for foreign affairs of state administration institutions or local governments which have international connections.


Polish citizens


Full-time studies

Full-time studies

per month

per semester

total amount per one year

1190 PLN

5950 PLN

4500 EUR

Applications for all candidates at the TEU are submitted in accordance with one of two sets of admission rules:

  • for Polish citizens (even as dual citizenship),
  • for foreigners, i.e. persons who do not hold Polish citizenship.

Foreign candidates who apply for studies should submit (by post or in person) to the Marketing and Recruitment Department the following documents:

  • completed and signed application form;
  • ID photograph;
  • High School Education Diploma including a marksheet (or another foreign document) that entitles to apply for undergraduate studies in its country of issue, with apostille or legalisation;
  • confirmation of payment the application fee* (200 euro) and the semester tuition fee;
  • English certificate (which confirms knowledge of foreign language at least at B1 or higher level) or a signed declaration of knowledge of the English language;
  • certified translation of all documents issued in the language other than the Polish or English languages.

Payment should be made to:

Tischner European University
Jana Pawla II 39a Av.,
31-864 Kraków, Poland
Total amount: 4700 euro (*the application fee is non-refundable)
Name of the bank: ING Bank Slaski SA
IBAN/ Account Number: PL03 1050 1445 1000 0022 9408 2777

Polish candidates who apply for studies should submit (by post or in person) to the Marketing and Recruitment Department the following documents:

  • completed and signed application form;
  • ID photograph;
  • Polish Matura certificate;
  • confirmation of payment the recruitment fee* (85 zł) and application fee (300 zł);
  • English certificate (which confirms knowledge of foreign language at least at B1 or higher level) or a signed declaration of knowledge of the English language;

 *the application fee is non-refundable

Payment should be made to:

Wyższa Szkoła Europejska im. ks. Józefa Tischnera 
33 1050 1445 1000 0090 8115 9239
Total amount: 385 zł (*the recruitment fee is non-refundable)
Name of the bank: ING Bank Slaski SA


phone: 12 683 24 04 (07)

Jana Pawła II Av. 39a
31-864 Kraków
room 211


The English language is an elementary language to know, and also the most frequently spoken language in the business environments all over the world. An excellent command of English is not simplya desired skill, but it is in fact an essential skill for the job market and in client relationships on an international scale. Studying Business Linguistics allows one to develop their English skills in all directions in the business context, including specialist language (such as the language of advertising). The advantage of undertaking this course of study is the emphasis put on the practical aspects – from the language of intercultural negotiations to the language of e-commerce to engage in sales and business correspondence. Our experienced, creative and enthusiastic lecturers are just another benefit of studying with us. Join is and study in a friendly environment and learn from experts who will help you raise your qualifications.

dr Monika Różalska
Assistant Professor of Business Linguistics


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mgr Tomasz Ulman
mgr Tomasz Ulman
mgr Olga O’Toole
mgr Olga O'Toole
dr Michał Kisiel
Dr Michał Kisiel
dr Monika Różalska
dr Monika Różalska
mgr Bożena Bojanowicz
mgr Bożena Bojanowicz
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mgr Aneta Ostrowska


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