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Strategic Management

The demand for specialists in the field of analytics is constantly increasing.* The analyst becomes one of the key positions, helping to understand the processes taking place in the surroundings and organizing arguments on the basis of which both operational and strategic decisions are made.

Strategic management is an innovative and visionary field of study. Already in the first year you will take part in projects that allow you to put the acquired knowledge and skills into practice. These skills will be implemented in the world’s largest corporations, large Polish enterprises and state and local government administration bodies. The study program also includes learning the most modern tools and technologies currently used in the world, such as the Neural Network and Artificial Intelligence.

* Based on the report “The Future of Jobs” developed during the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2018.

Why should you choose this field of study?

  • the studies combine theoretical and practical knowledge
  • you will learn the most modern methods of working with data and business processes
  • you will use the tools that companies around the world work with
  • you will take part in projects implemented by the world’s largest companies and Polish enterprises
  • you will receive a wide range of internship possibilities – you will gain the opportunity to learn the specifics of the organization’s activities in such industries as: public administration, production of computer games, finance and banking, outsourcing services and other

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In the work of an analyst, two elements play a key role. The first one is the methodology which concerns itself with figuring out ways to work with problems and data. The ability to quickly reach the essence of the studied phenomenon is a daily task that requires the analyst to learn how to ask the right questions. The second element is a set of tools for working with data. Processing large data sets and extracting important tips from them is a challenge that we face every day. Additionally the pace of work is really important. Reports prepared manually at the end of a given week or month slowly lose their popularity. Today, companies expect data to be available in real time, and their possible modification is a task for a few hours, not days.

Przemysław Radziszewski, MA
Scientific coordinator of Strategic Management


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mgr Katarzyna Ociepka-Miąsik
dr Anna Karbowniczak-Miśtal
mgr Ewa Żesławska
dr Agnieszka Wąsik
mgr Wiktoria Czarnecka
dr Beata Pater
mgr Beata Mosór-Szyszka
mgr Marek Tobolewski
mgr Eliza Sarna
Konrad Szpak
mgr Konrad Szpak
mgr Łukasz Czajka
mgr Łukasz Czajka
mgr inż. Przemysław Radziszewski
mgr inż. Przemysław Radziszewski
mgr Mateusz Barłóg
mgr Mateusz Barłóg
dr Małgorzata Mitoraj-Jaroszek
dr Małgorzata Mitoraj-Jaroszek
dr Grażyna Urbanik-Papp
dr Grażyna Urbanik-Papp
dr Kinga Blaschke
dr Kinga Blaschke
dr Agata Anacik-Kryza
dr Agata Anacik-Kryza


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