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Project Controlling

  • Programme manager, project manager or specialist or you would like to become one
  • The person who would like to carefully monitor your projects... this training is for you!

What do you need to know beforehand:

  • What the project is
  • What the project budget is
  • What the project schedule is

  • Understand why project controlling is necessary
  • Apply basics of Earned Value Method
  • Apply basics of Percentage of Completion Method
  • Understand why implementation of project controlling could be difficult

1. Reasons for project controlling

  • Project success/ failure rate
  • Traps of simple project control

 2. Preparation of project baseline

  • Project scope, responsibility assignments
  • Preparation of project schedule
  • Preparation of project budget
  • Preparation of measurement methods
  • Project baseline

3. Project monitoring and controlling

  • Concept of earned value
  • Earned Value Method
  • Costs forecasts
  • Traps of EVM
  • Schedule forecasts
  • Applications of EVM
  • Percentage of Completion Method
  • Difficulties of real-life implementation and application of project controlling

4. Simple cases of EVM

D.Eng. Przemysław Domański - Doctor of Engineering electronics-automatyk, graduate of EU MBA Kraków / Business School of the University of Stockholm. He has worked in the development of systems for electronic systems design (Sweden), creating accounting systems, for several years - ERP (business management) systems, as well as organizing maritime expeditions on a sailing ship for children (Mediterranean, Atlantic). He currently serves as Operations Director of S & T Services Polska in Cracow. IPMA Member and PMI. The lead in the Polish Project Excellence Award (2007, 2010, 2011, 2015) and the International Project Excellence Award (2012-2015, Europe and Asia). Coach and academic lecturer, also at Executive and International MBA studies. In his free time he travels from the Arctic through Africa to Antarctica, often under sail.

  • Training date: date during the update - if you are interested in this program, please contact with us
    It is possible to organize a dedicated training for a closed group in another agreed timeframe.
  • Place of training: Wyższa Szkoła Europejska im. ks. Józefa Tischnera w Krakowie, Jana Pawla II Av. 39a
    In the case of dedicated training it is possible to organize training at the premises of the contracting company.
  • Cost of training: 890 PLN / catering included/ (check out our discounts!)
  • How to register? fill in the form or write:
  • How many people participate in the training? Up to 15 people. The number of participants is limited, beacuse of the individual nature of the workshops.
  • Duration: 9h
  • All participants will receive a personal certificate confirming participation in the training.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact ustel. +48 12 683 24 33 tel. kom.: +48 601 496 157 e - mail:


tel: 12 683 24 68

Al. Jana Pawła II 39a
31-864 Kraków

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